Pop ALT 10/11/10/2010

Pop ALT 10/11/10/2010


Radiohead "Everything In It's A Right Place" /Parlophone 2000/
How To Dress Well "Ready For The World" /Lefse 2010/
ceo "Come With Me" /Sincerely Yours 2010/
ceo "White Magic" /Sincerely Yours 2010/
ceo "Love And Do What You Will" /Sincerely Yours 2010/
jj "Things Will Never Be The Same Again" /Sincerely Yours 2010/
jj "Ecstasy" /Sincerely Yours 2010/
Air France "No Way Down" /Sincerely Yours 2008/
Glasser "Mirrorage" /True Panther Sounds 2010/
Antony And The Johnsons "Everything Is New" /Rough Trade 2010/
Antony And The Johnsons "Ghost" /Rough Trade 2010/
Antony Annd The Johnsons feat. Bjork "Fletta" /Rough Trade 2010/
Deerhunter "Helicopter" /4AD 2010/
Animal Collective "On A Highway" /Domino 2009/


Radiohead "Idioteque" /Parlophone 2000/
King Cannibal "Flower Of Flesh And Blood" /Ninja Tune 2009/
Ikonika "They Are Losing The War" /Hyperdub 2010/
Menomena "BOTE" /City Slang 2010/
El Guincho "Novias" /Young Turks 2010/
El Guincho "Lycra Mistral" /Young Turks 2010/
El Guincho "Soca Del Eclipse" /Young Turks 2010/
Delorean "Warmer Places" /Mushroom Pillow 2010/
Zola Jesus "Manifest Destiny" /Souterrain Transmissions 2010/
Zola Jesus "Stridulum" /Souterrain Transmissions 2010/
Zola Jesus "Sea Talk" /Souterrain Transmissions 2010/
Radiohead "How To Disappear Completely" /Parlophone 2000/

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